5 services provided by the travel agencies

When you plan your holiday, it is wise to take services from a travel agent. Travel agents have huge resources and contacts that you won’t be able to dig yourself just by searching the internet.

The scope of services of travel agents are not only limited to providing transports. They can plan a whole package for you so that you can have a wonderful vacation without worrying about anything. The travel agent will take care of everything. Here are some major services that travel agents provide today.


This is the primary job role of any travel agent – providing transportation to and from your destination. Travel agents will search several flights and give you the best flight option according to your budget and preference. They know when there are special discounts going on and will suggest planning your holiday accordingly. Travel agents can arrange local transportation for you as well, once you reach your destination.


There is no need for you to take the hassle of searching a good place to stay for your holiday. Travel agents have all the information regarding the best resorts, hotels, lodgings, etc.

All you need to do is tell them what kind of accommodation you want and your budget. They will do the rest of the work. They will book the best accommodation for you.

Sightseeing Tours

When you visit a place for the first time, it often gets difficult to get around. Travel agents will book a tour guide for you who can guide you throughout your trip.

Sightseeing tours to major attractions of the city can also be arranged by travel agents. If you want any outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, etc. can also be booked before you actually travel.


Travel agents will give you useful information like the weather of the place, types of clothes you must take along with you, places where you should dine, the type of culture, language, etc.

Visa and insurance

Travel agents even arrange visa and travel insurance for you, so you don’t need to go to other places to get these done. Getting visa and insurance can be very troublesome; travel agents make it comfortable for you.

With the total package of services that travel agents provide you, there is no question that you would book a holiday without them. Vacation means to get away from all the troubles in life, and travel agents make sure that you experience just that.

Useful links

When you come to Utah, you must visit Salt Lake City and Park City. There are so many things to see in these places that you cannot even imagine. Here are some useful links for you that will help you to plan what to see when you come to Utah.

Salt Lake City

Visit Salt Lake

visit salt lake

This is a very rich website where you will find information regarding Salt Lake City, that is, its population, weather, etc. You will get to know which places are not to be missed. There is guide for hotel, food and things to do as well. It also contains a calendar of the upcoming events in Utah so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

The places of interest are categorized according to different types. For example, there is a separate list for parks, shopping, historic sites, arts and culture, etc. Interestingly, there is a trip planner also through which you can book your hotel and restaurants.

Trip Advisor

trip advisor

In this website, you will get to know many interesting things about the Winter Olympics that has been held here in 2012. You will get to know about the venues where it was held and so you can plan to stop over these places if you are a sports enthusiast.

You will find information about hotels, restaurants, important places to visit, etc. Best part of this site is that you will find lots of reviews, so you will get to know how real people have experienced Utah.

Salt Lake Tourist & Visitor Center

salt lake tourism

This site provides a complete guide for your trip to Salt Lake City. You will find places to visit with kids, historic sites, natural sites, towns, etc. You will get guide on transportation and hotels.

This site is very informative, because it gives a brief description of the Salt Lake City, including its culture, food, major attractions, weather, etc.

Park City

Park City Utah

park city ut

This website tells you about the places you must visit in Park City. It has a calendar of major events. You can also arrange wedding, meetings and other events through this site.

Park City


Besides providing the general information regarding accommodation, transportation and food, this website provides different packages to plan your visit according to your taste. It also includes several articles from which you can get a better insight about the city.

Visiting Park City

visting park city

This is a helpful website for those who are visiting Park City for the first time. It tells you what transportations are available to explore the city, what resorts are there, what activities to do in different seasons, etc.



johnnyMy name is Johnny Stewart. Travelling is my hobby. I work in a software firm in Salt Lake City, UT. Whenever I get a holiday, I travel. There wasn’t a single holiday since I was 20 years old that I had done something else without travelling.

So far I’ve travelled to more than 30 countries and have experienced different cultures. I’ve tasted so many exotic food and met people of various nationalities and religions. Every country has something unique to offer.

All these experience has made me richer in terms of knowledge and fulfillment in life. However, no city was more beautiful to me than my place, Utah. So, I’ve decided to intimidate you to visit this beautiful land of Utah through my blog.

Utah has a lovely landscape. It is full of parks and snow topped mountains. There are rivers and canyons too. You can have lots of adventures when you visit Utah, from skiing to kayaking and hiking. It is a perfect gateway for you and your family. Salt Lake City and Park City are the biggest attractions in Utah. I am certain that after reading my blog we will visit Utah on your next vacation. Hope to see you soon!

8 places of interest in Park City

Park city is known as the Ski City of Utah. You can guess that it is a great place to visit in winter. But even if you come in summer there are lots of attractions waiting for you.

Utah Olympic Parkblogpost2_image1

This is where the Luge and Ski jumping events were held. You will find guided tour operators here to show you around. There is a museum, various alpine rides and shows to thrill you.

Guardsman Pass Scenic Backwayblogpost2_image2

Beautiful scenery not to be missed. Simply enjoy the view and take in fresh mountain air; you will feel recharged!

Alpine Coasterblogpost2_image3

A fun and thrilling ride amongst beautiful mountains. It is an elevated track with lots of loops to give the thrill of your life. And remember, it is fast!

Egyptian Theatreblogpost2_image4

A place where lovely concerts and plays are staged throughout the year. The Sundance Film Festival is also held here.

Park City Museumblogpost2_image5

You will find all the heritages and artifacts of the old days. You will get to know about how settlers came here and other interesting historic facts. Different exhibits are held here throughout the day.

Red Pine Adventuresblogpost2_image6

It’s a great gateway for the whole family. You can enjoy horse riding and other snow rides here.

Outdoor activitiesblogpost2_image7

You will enjoy skiing, of course! Other sports like climbing, hot balloon rides, etc. are also available.

Shoppingblogpost2_image8There are some lovely shops in here. There are many antique shops and ski shops.

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6 things to do in Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City has many things to offer for the visitors. Here are some of the main attractions of Salt Lake City.

Historic sites: You can visit the Temple Square Garden. It is the home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The garden is beautiful with 250 flower beds and about 700 different plants from different parts of the world. Off Broadway Theatre is famous for comedy shows. Then there is the Trolley Square, Utah Opera Company and many more places.

Nature: There are lots of parks, gardens and canyons to visit in Salt Lake City. The Big Cottonwood Canyon is a must visit place.

Fun sites for kids: Discovery Gateway is a place to have fun for the whole family. You can do a lot of creative activities that are educational, at the same time fun. There is the Living Planet Aquarium where kids can experience the huger water ecosystem. Kids will love visiting Hogle Zoo, which is a home to about 1000 different animals brought from over 250 countries!

Olympic venues: The 2002 Winter Olympics was held in Salt Lake City. So it will be a thrilling ride to visit the venues and experience the sports yourself!

Outdoor Activities: Salt Lake City is a heaven for outdoor activities. You can go hiking, rock climbing, camping, horseback riding, fishing and many more.

Shopping: Salt Lake City is a great place to shop. You will find unique items here from books, jewelry, clothing, etc. to take away home for your loved ones.

You have to love this city…