Procuring Global Travel Consultants

Any Johnny Road Trip Blog reader knows that it makes sense to procure global travel consultants when planning their next trip. This is true because planning a trip is hard and difficult work. It takes a lot of research and home work to plan a trip correctly. This is especially true if the trip to be planned is to multiple far away destinations. For this reason it makes tremendous sense to hire a professional trip planner or travel agency so as to avoid all the common mistakes that a normal person would make. The professional travel agent, having done all this before, will be well versed in this type of thing.


There are many ways for a person to make use of a consultant on the subject of global travel. Often this does not even require visiting an actual brick and mortar travel agency. In today’s modern age this can all be accomplished on line or over the telephone. Probably not all that many travel agencies transact their business over a fax machine or by the U. S. Postal Service simply because these methods would not be as efficient a means of communicating between parties.

Once a person makes contact with a travel agency and begins the process of planning his or her next trip the world quite figuratively becomes his or her oyster. When the world becomes a person’s oyster this means that the world has become a source of food for that person. This means the world can nourish and sustain that person. The world not only becomes a source of food (figuratively speaking) but the world also becomes a source of food that can potentially contain a semi-precious stone (that is, a treasure). For this reason and many others it is our advice to the reader to make use of a travel agent when planning his or her next trip.

Finding the Best Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

Johnny Road Trip is here to say that you must find the best auto body repair Salt Lake City if you want to have a good road trip (even if your name is not Johnny). You must find this because if your car happens to break down whilst in the midst of a road trip that passes through Salt Lake City you will want an auto body repair shop to take your car to. And you will not just want any auto body repair shop. You will want the best auto body repair shop because only the best is good enough for Johnny road trip.


For this reason alone you will want to find the best auto body shop in Salt Lake City. What kind of a road trip would it be if you were driving past the Mormon Temple and your car broke down but then you took your car to the worst auto body repair shop in Salt Lake City? I will tell you what kind of a road trip it would be… It would be no road trip that you would ever see Johnny Road Trip admitting he was a part of that is for damned sure.

In conclusion, no self respecting reader of the Johnny Road Trip blog should use anything but the best auto body repair shop when he finds himself in a broken down car in Salt Lake City. In fact, if you use anything less than the best auto body repair shop in Salt Lake City you can officially consider yourself an ex-reader of the Johnny Road Trip blog. I have no use for readers who will not take good advice when it is handed to them on a silver platter. Thank you and good night.

Finding the Best Travel Agency Park City

Many a Johnny Road Trip Blog reader wants to know how they can find the best travel agency Park City. This question is by no means an easy question to answer. Nor is it a question that should be taken lightly. Global travel is a serious business in the age of terrorism and anti-Americanism. With the election of the forty-fifth president of the United States, Donald J. Trump the seriousness of global travel is all the more a serious issue. This is the reason why it is important for a person who is looking to travel globally to find the right travel agency.

What Makes a Good Travel Agency Park City

Not all travel agencies will offer the same level of service. This is because different travel agencies will have different resources including the experience of the people working for the travel agency. Some travel agents (for example) will know more about making arrangements to travel to Russia. Some travel agents will have an expertise regarding traveling to France. Other travel agents might specialize in traveling to China. And some travel agents might restrict themselves to travel within the United States of America. Accordingly, to find out which travel agency is the best fit for you, you may have to do a little homework

But once you have found the right travel agent that fits the needs of your particular destination and desires you will then reap many rewards. This is true because by hiring a travel agent to plan out your trip you will almost certainly be avoiding many of the pitfalls people who do not hire travel agents will inevitably fall into. As mentioned earlier, travel these days is difficult and nerve wracking enough even with these pitfalls are successfully avoided through the use of a travel agent.

Getting to Know Utah Travel Agencies

You would not believe the number of letters we recieve on a weekly basis in the Johnny Road Trip Blog mail room asking (nay pleading) us to write an article regarding Utah travel agencies. In an effort to stem the tide of the deluge this blog post is an attempt to respond to this most desperate request. The various authors of these letters all seemingly need this information quickly in order to service some need that is not all together clear to us. Alas, it is not important that we are aware of this reason. It is enough for us to know that this need exists and exists on a level that requires imediate attention.


On the other hand let us not be too hasty. It might be worth speculating as to why these many letter writers are in the predicament they seem to be in. Knowing this information may very well help them with the problem that aparently requires so imediate a solution. For example, by knowing this information (and we mean this in the gnostic sense) we shall come to a better appreciation of the very conundrum in which they presently find themselves. In other words we (that is the editorial board of the Johnny Road Trip Blog) will recognize just what it is that is troubling them and from that empathetic platform can embark on a healing solution that is both efficacious and robust.

Do not get me wrong. If Mr. Johnny Road trip himself were aware of this situation I have no illusions that all hell would not break loose. He has told me on many occasions that he has absolutely no tolerance for this sort of thing. I certainly cannot blame him for this sensitivity but that is really not something that I can presently trouble myself to attend to.

Cletus the Mechanic

cornWhen engaged in a road trip it is extremely important to drive safely because there can be few things worse than being involved in a car accident far away from home and finding yourself in an auto body repair Salt Lake City. Just think about it. One minute you are on vacation, driving down the open road in a location you have never seen before and enjoying the sights. You get into a car accident. The next minute you are standing in a dirty auto body shop being gouged by a man named Cletus because there is no other auto body shop for another one hundred miles.

In other words, getting into a car accident while on vacation can turn a joyous occasion into a very uncomfortable experience. This is why it is so important to drive safely when on a road trip far from home. Some might say that part of the joy of a road trip is in leaving your familiar surroundings and throwing your normal state of caution to the wind. Accordingly, the admonishment to drive safely is in effect a “buzz kill”. This may be true, however, we here at Johnny Road Trip feel that an even bigger buzz kill is having to deal with Cletus in an auto body repair Salt Lake City when you should be on the open road feeling the wind blow through your flaxen locks.

Poor Cletus. He gets a bad reputation. He is probably a competent mechanic. He might be a little rough around the edges and a little uncouth. But you will not be visiting to make small talk and eat finger sandwiches. You are seeing Cletus because you were not driving safely and got into a car accident when you should be cruising down Route 66 feeling the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair.