Cletus the Mechanic

cornWhen engaged in a road trip it is extremely important to drive safely because there can be few things worse than being involved in a car accident far away from home and finding yourself in an auto body repair Salt Lake City. Just think about it. One minute you are on vacation, driving down the open road in a location you have never seen before and enjoying the sights. You get into a car accident. The next minute you are standing in a dirty auto body shop being gouged by a man named Cletus because there is no other auto body shop for another one hundred miles.

In other words, getting into a car accident while on vacation can turn a joyous occasion into a very uncomfortable experience. This is why it is so important to drive safely when on a road trip far from home. Some might say that part of the joy of a road trip is in leaving your familiar surroundings and throwing your normal state of caution to the wind. Accordingly, the admonishment to drive safely is in effect a “buzz kill”. This may be true, however, we here at Johnny Road Trip feel that an even bigger buzz kill is having to deal with Cletus in an auto body repair Salt Lake City when you should be on the open road feeling the wind blow through your flaxen locks.

Poor Cletus. He gets a bad reputation. He is probably a competent mechanic. He might be a little rough around the edges and a little uncouth. But you will not be visiting to make small talk and eat finger sandwiches. You are seeing Cletus because you were not driving safely and got into a car accident when you should be cruising down Route 66 feeling the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair.