Extend Your Spa Day With Float Spa Park City

Extend Your Spa Day With Float Spa Park City

float spa park city

Spa days are an important routine for your health, stress and overall happiness. Spa time is a way for us to get away from our daily lives so we can relax snd relive some stress. There are so many benefits that come from a spa day whether its a massage to relax your mind and body or its a facial to give you fresh skin. For your next spa day i recommend trying something new, for example you should try float spa park city. Float spa also can bring you so many benefits, below is a list of some amazing benefits that come from it.

Float Spa is proven to:

1.Relive stress and anxiety

2.Reduce fatigue and insomnia 

3.Stimulate creativity

4.Deepen meditation practices

5.Help with muscle and joint pain 

6.Help with athletic performance

7.Readuce blood pressure

8.Improve immune system

9.Improve relationships

10.Help with bad habbits

Float spa therapy is also known as isolation sensory deprivation therapy. Float spa is a therapy where you spend an hour floating peacefully in a tank filled with water. The tank filled with water is also filled with epsom salt solution which allows you to completely float instead of sinking. While you are in the tank floating all distractions are removed and that includes your phone, or any lights in the room. The water in the float spa tank is the same temperature as your body temperature allowing you to not get cold. 

While you are floating in the tank the effects of gravity on your bones and joints are completely removed. This improves your blood curculation and allows your body heal it self. Also while you float the water and the epsom salt reduces your blood pressure and heart rate and at the same time it lowers your levels of stress. 

There also effects in your brain while you are floating and they are quite remarkable. The sensory depravation will slow your brain waves until they can reat the theta state. The theta state is common when you are in a deep meditation or right before you fall asleep and can be combined with clear thoughts, insparations, happiness and vivid images. All thanks to the release of endorphins.

Every one of us wants to look and feel great what if i told you that the high amount of epsom salt in the float tank that allows you to float  also contribute to healthier skin, nails and hair.  The minerals in the epsom salt break down into magnesium and sulfate then the body absorbs them through your skin which allows your skin do keep all the minerals. The epsom salt can also help anyone who has an ingrown toe nail. The epsom soak can  ease the pain and take the puss out of the ingrown  toe nail. 

Whether you want to relieve some stress or you want to relive some pain or you just want to relax without being disturbed, with all the amazing benefits listed above should definitely make you want to add float spa park city to your next spa day routine. 



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