The Pre Road Trip Visit to the Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

Lots of Johnny Road Trippers pay a visit to their local auto body repair Salt Lake City shop before heading out on their cross country trip. It does not make sense to embark on a road trip with a dinged up automobile. No self respecting reader of the Johnny Road Trip Blog would ever think to do such a thing. Just imagine how you would feel sailing down the highway and passing a car full of judgmental onlookers sneering at the dent in the side of your car. The shame of such an incident would be too much to bear for most people.


Visiting the auto body shop before the road trip will effectively eliminate this problem once and for all. Once all the dents and other unsightly blemishes upon your automobile have been removed you will then be free to head out on the open highway shame free. Now the potential, judgmental onlookers will not be sneering at your car. Rather they will be coveting your car with jealous rage smoldering inside the depths of their black hearts as you pass them by. All this is because you made the wise decision to visit the auto body repair shop before starting your next road trip.

In a sense by fixing the dents in your car the auto body repair shop will be fixing the metaphorical dents in your ego. Mind you, it is important to realize that fixing the dents in your car might not necessarily fix the dents in your ego. Fixing the dents in your car might simply act as a band-aid over a wound that requires another kind of treatment in order to truly heal. By fixing the dent in your car (in other words) only a cosmetic fix will be affected.